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7 Authentic Luxury Furniture Styles You Should Know

Since there are many furniture styles, it can be challenging to find a style that suits your home. Here are a variety of luxurious modern furniture styles that can suit your comfort and luxury needs. You must purchase luxury furniture online in Sydney from a reputed one-stop online boutique to get ideal furnishings that fit your interior decor needs.

Mid-century modern luxury furniture

This versatile and distinctive design similar to 1950s style strikes a perfect balance between contemporary and retro design. This furniture with unique rounded edges and ornate curvature design includes contrasting textures, mixed natural elements and dark to medium wood tones.

Transitional luxury furniture style

Also known as classic contemporary, this furniture style features classic line design in conventional furniture and breath-taking finishes, textile, and color in modern furniture. You will love the decorating flexibility of this style that blends both contemporary furnishings and traditional styles.

Ultra-modern luxury furniture styles

Streamline silhouettes and crisp and clean lines are the trademarks of ultra-modern furniture. What makes this style unique is its straightforward appearance different from the traditional style. This style comes with a neutral color palette and a bold pop of color with white and black colors. Shining elements complete the finish of this furniture, while leather upholstery completes the look.

Art deco luxury furniture

Exceptionally chic and glamorous, this style design came into existence in the early 20th century. You will note how its distinctive silhouettes and geometric patterns and shapes make it more stylish and elegant. You will find motifs such as flowers and vines and materials such as glass, enamel, and chrome. And if the furniture has wood pieces, it will display mirrored tops, metal accents and crystal accents that enhance its appearance. This style features rich and bold hues of red and green colors usually.

Glam luxury furniture

Also known as Hollywood Regency or Hollywood Glam, this style features specs full of opulent textiles and bold colors. When it comes to finishes, furniture in this style contains plenty of metallic and mirror finishes that elevates its charm. Ideal for a dramatic living room or boudoir-like bedroom, this furniture includes upholstery with Jewel-tone velvets and tufted animal prints.

Industrial-style modern furniture

Silhouettes in this furniture style are functional with clean lines, while new industrial fittings tend to look old but silky. However, if you want to achieve a unique interior, you can mix industrial pieces with minimalist and modern elements.

Contemporary furniture

Contemporary design reflects elements that are trending at that time. And since it involves factors that are popular currently, designs from other styles are often borrowed to render it a unique and charming look.

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