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7 Design Tips to Stylize Your Hamptons Style Bathroom

Any Hamptons style interiors in a modern home reiterates the bold and bright look with its charming appeal. To recreate your bathroom the dreamy Hamptons style way, these styling tips can work wonders. Avail Hamptons Style Furniture Australia from a reputed decor shop to get quality and spectacular Hamptons furniture.

Grey and white color palette

To create a contemporary Hamptons vibe, white and grey can be two colors put to use. Ample grey covering the floors, one of the walls and on top of the vanity can make the space warm and relaxing. Along with that if you can incorporate tons of white on the tub, wall tiles, cabinetry, basin, roof and other spaces this can balance out the warmth of the grey to give it a crisp and clean look.

Glossy floor tiles

Without gloss, a bathroom feels too earthy. So you must choose a big high-gloss tile for making this intricate floor tile level up your Hamptons style bathroom’s splendor.

Marble wall tiles

You can go for marble wall tiles in herringbone pattern to enhance your Hamptons style bathroom’s beauty the urban way. Make sure to apply this marble effect to few walls and not all the walls or else it will become too overpowering. Put it behind the vanity and the shower to showcase its magnificence.

Free-standing tub

The fluid white glory of a tub against the grey background is how the contrasting colors elevate the bathtub’s presence as a prominent feature in the space.

Plantation shutters

A Hamptons style bathroom is all about light. Apart from lighting on the roof and walls, you must include natural lighting too. A large window is a must-have along with plantation shutters to spruce up the coastal vibes with sophistication. You can keep the color crisp white to match with the bath.

Floating vanity

As a Hamptons home is all about elegance, space and air, you can go for a vanity raised above the ground and attached to the wall. Installing a floating vanity can allow the air to flow underneath giving the illusion of more space. This can also keep the overall bathroom vibe cleaner and lighter.

Touch of black

Little doses of black on the handles, tapware, window and wall lighting can complement the grey and white mash-up with class. Don’t go overboard with this color but little black enhancements can retain the Hamptons style with sheer elegance.

Maintaining a sense of space and letting the design elements breathe is what can make your urban Hamptons style bathroom look fabulous. Get Hampton style furniture for sale to achieve the classy meets chic look of your marvellous home.

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