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7 Inspirational Wall Art Ideas to Refresh Your Living Room

If you feel that your living room looks incomplete, you may use some brightly colored artwork to liven up any dark or dull corner. From gallery walls to large-scale photography, these stunning wall art ideas are sure to ignite your creativity. To purchase cheap framed prints in Australia, you first need to avail contact of a reputed home decor shop.

1. Metallic framed prints

You can select a classic photo like a portrait or cityscape to place in a metallic frame. Metallic frames with their sleek and clean look can complement any decorating theme or color scheme. You can see how amazingly your chosen image gets transformed into a timeless piece that stylizes your living room wall decor.

2. Mounted wall art using marbled artwork

If you concoct an unusual mixture of shaving cream and water color, you can lend your art piece a marbled finish. You can turn it into a beautiful mounted wall art to brighten up your living space.

3. Landscape framed canvas art prints

Personalized framed canvas prints depicting your recent holiday photo or local hike memory can wonderfully add warmth and personality to your living room’s wall. Such a stunning landscape photo in canvas print can showcase your favorite memories while also acting as a unique wall art piece.

4. Mix and match frames

You can combine an exclusive variety of frames, canvas prints and other wall art materials for an artistic and diverse wall art display. Choose an array of photo styles, including cityscapes and that of your close ones to render an aesthetic texture and innovative dimension to the wall.

5. Colorful heart decor

Heart-shaped pieces from paint chip samples when placed onto a canvas can create an exceptional wall decor beaming with love. This is perfect for the setting of a Valentine’s Day party or to arouse the mood of festivity for any celebration.

6. Vibrant wall art

Trendy 3D wall art looks not only colorful but also unique. Wood circles and acrylic paint included in colorful wall art decoration will allow the fun colors to pop and add character to your living room, especially if you have neutral furniture.

7. Fluid painting as canvas print

Elevate the mood in your living room with eye-catching abstract art. Striking fluid painting in a framed canvas print will look artistic and innovative and thus, enhance the aesthetic vibes of the room.

Buy wall art framed prints in Australia to enrich your living room ambience with captivating wall art decor. Intricate artwork and magnificent framed prints can make this part of your urban home artistic, vibrant and spectacular.

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