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A few Wall Art Ideas for Your Room

The most excellent way to fill a room you love is with memories that mean something. Pictures of celebrations, big milestones, past travels, and even simply your candid daily make any residence feel more like home. Before you fill your empty walls with cheap framed prints in Australia or photo art, take time to plan your exhibit.

To make things even simpler for you, see what wall décor ideas beneath are perfect for your room.

Mantelpiece memories

A living space mantelpiece is an ideal location for wall art. It is already a spot to gather and relax, so choose the photographs that are exclusive to you, and that you wish to share with others.

Several people set aside the fireplace mantel for their vintage items, so if you desire warm neutral hues here, choose photographs in white, black, and sepia, or with earthy-shaded frames.

Family staircase exhibit

Ensure you know where you want the images to hang on your staircase wall, as getting this correct can be difficult. Make sure that each image hangs right above the outer railing so that the full photograph is noticeable from a distance.

One cool idea is to let your photographs convey a tale as the guest to your house climbs the staircase. Maybe they are photographs of your kids, who age as you climb higher. Or, perhaps you choose images of your relatives, different generations along every step.

Iconic canvas wall décor

Canvas photo prints can offer your room a warm feel in a space that demands life and texture. Wedding and family photographs are a go-to for canvas wall art, but unique artwork offers this conventional choice a brand new twist. Try to harmonize the art of the shade of your furniture for a uniform, composed feel.

Gallery wrapped canvas has a flawless profile with the wall. This kind of photography exhibit is perfect for high-trafficked regions of your house such as hallways, breakfast nooks, and staircases.

Acrylic wall art

Acrylic wall art adds profundity to your images, unlike any other wall décor choice. Its smooth acrylic layer brings out each detail of your photograph. We suggest picking pictures that celebrate deeply-toned or vibrant undertones. When teaming numerous items of acrylic wall art together try to use analogous balanced color palettes and photography styles.

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