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All You Need to Know About Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

As an enthusiastic art buyer, you must be often on the lookout for limited edition prints. Due to the boon of modern printing techniques, you will be satisfied to see how high-quality prints produce the artistic brilliance of the original artwork. If you want to Buy Gillie and Marc limited edition prints, surf the exquisite limited edition fine art prints of a reliable and acknowledged online decor shop.

First of all, if you are wondering what “limited edition” means, let us inform you that this phrase refers to the artist or publisher’s commitment to producing only a limited number of prints.

What are the three main printing techniques used?

Three important printing techniques are usually incorporated to produce a remarkable reproduction of original art.

1. Lithography: This printing process involves a chemical process to create an image. In current times, this technique can be utilized to produce high volumes of paintings, posters, books, maps, etc.

2. Serigraph: Also known as silk-screening or screen printing, serigraph produces a print when color ink is forced through a screen. Thus, the print is developed as a sharp-edged image is created using a stencil.

3. Giclee: This high-tech inkjet printing produces prints with 6 colors of ink. Offering superior color accuracy, giclees are produced from digital images so that they don’t require negatives.

Apart from these three, a special high-quality printing technique called serilith exists. Serilith provides mixed media original art prints created by an artist using both lithography and serigraph. This technique is exclusively used for the creation of limited edition fine art prints.

After you possess your limited edition framed print, you need to take special care of it to restore its longevity. You must get the print properly framed. Without this, your print may get damaged by ultra-violet light, humidity, dust and other framing materials.

What can damage your print?

Light – UV light can fade, discolor or deteriorate art prints. So make sure that your print is not exposed to intense light as this may lead to color fading and fiber weakness.

Humidity – Moisture can destroy artwork even if you keep it in a glass frame. Limited edition fine art prints if stored in damp locations can invite water stains, mold spores and termites. Do not keep in plastic bags as well as they trap moisture.

Acidity – Contact with acidic paper pulp can cause staining on your treasured print. Use 100% acid-free archival quality paper or materials to prevent this.

Hence, instead of storing your artwork in attic, basement or garage where there is excess temperature and humidity, store it carefully in a climate-controlled environment. Whenever you buy limited edition fine art prints or are getting ready to Buy Gillie and Marc limited edition prints, plan for its safe keep for a fruitful durable preservation.

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