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Chic Décor Ideas to Revamp Your First-Buy Apartment

Considering a large number of young people are leasing their own apartments, creating a functional and beautiful small home design shouldn’t be the challenge it often is.  If you’re having a hard time making the most of your limited apartment space, you may be happy to hear that there could be more to the problem than just having too much stuff.

To help simplify things, we’ve put together a list of the basics of decorating your first apartment.  These ideas are easy to execute and won’t break your bank as well. Therefore, read on to know more about such ideas!

Choose the décor palette wisely

When decorating a small apartment, especially one with an open concept living room that has to accommodate a small dining room or office as well, it’s imperative to stick to a maximum of two main colors.  But this doesn’t mean your decor has to be boring! You can adorn the wall with cool art and buy cheap framed prints in Australia available in unique variants.

Smart shelving is key

The best part of smart shelving is that it can be installed where ever there is a little bit of extra wall space. It can even go above doors or on the wall under a windowsill. Installing a few shelves is quick and affordable and yields a lot of additional storage space.  Apart from creating the illusion of a larger room with lots of packing space, it also offers the ideal spot for an ornament or photo frame that won’t fit onto the small table.

Lots of sunshine

Dark corners can easily make your apartment appear smaller.  Make the best use of the natural light by using window shades that let in a lot of light. Sheer fabric or blinds look beautiful pulled up all the way to the top of the window.  If the room needs to be dark at night because it’s also a bedroom, roller blinds offer a discreet blackout option when needed.

Balance space and décor

Screens and room dividers are popular for their versatility and they can add a great fun element to a room. These are available in a variety of designs to suit your decor needs.  Depending on where and how they are used, they can create a beautiful feature or a subtle background detail. Screens can be completely opaque to create privacy, be semi-transparent or even a frame only to visually demarcate an area.

These five décor tips will definitely help you revamp your first apartment.  You can even buy wall art framed prints in Australia, if you are looking for paintings and prints to adorn the blank walls. This is a great hack to add character and colors to the apartment!

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