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How to Bring Alive a Stunning Hollywood Regency Style Interior Design?

If you want your home to look as luxurious as that of a Hollywood star’s, get creative as you place your furniture, artwork and lighting. First of all, you should purchase quality Hollywood regency style furniture from a top-notch luxury furniture and home decor shop. Then follow these tips to keep in mind how to celebrate the features that have made the Hollywood Regency style a truly memorable one.

Cheerful colors are the main highlight

The most prominent aspect of Hollywood Regency interiors is its irrelevant and bold use of colors. When it comes to creating a Hollywood Regency palette, go for bright and striking hues such as pink, yellow, turquoise, gold, emerald green and the like, especially as accents. Another classic Hollywood Regency combination is black and white to create a loud contrast as that of checker-board floors.

Be bold with your furniture

Aim to decorate your rooms with eye-catching pieces of this eclectic furniture kind. Hollywood Regency homes usually combine a few antique European and French pieces with some streamlined or mid-modern furniture. Apart from versatile wooden and upholstered options, you can include few mirrored, glass or lacquered furniture. You can have coffee tables with mirrored surfaces and sofas and chairs to depict the magnificence of this furniture that is bold in color and shape.

Luxurious accents

Due to the convenient size of Hollywood Regency furniture, you can rely more on accents and decorative details to turn each setting into a glam and opulent statement. You can incorporate metallic finishes, bohemian fringes and gorgeous chandeliers to make your interiors breath-taking.

Playful patterns

When you are decorating a Hollywood Regency home, you can go overboard on exquisite patterns to mix and match bold geometric shapes, starburst motifs and other patterns that stand out.

Royal textures

You can choose classy textures like velvet, suede, silk and fur to enhance your home’s luxurious feel.

Sparkling lights

To emphasize the glamour and glitz of this iconic era, you can place table lamps in different shapes, wall-mounted lighting fixtures or tall floor lamps with intriguing silhouettes. And of course, chandeliers in gold and metal accents or glass elements can spark up your Hollywood interior’s visual beauty.

Wall touch-ups

To make walls a vibrant part of your interiors, you can paint them in a brighter hue. You can choose wallpapers with bold patterns or add decorative wall molding for an elegant, panel-styled feel.

If you want your home to exhibit a charming Hollywood Regency style decor, be sure to buy art deco luxe furniture online from a famous home decor boutique.

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