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How to Create an Effortless Hampton’s Inspired Décor?

The Hamptons style is inspired by the architecture of holiday homes and buildings in the luxury seaside communities along the eastern beaches of upstate New York’s neighboring Long Island. Due to its increasing popularity this the style has made its way to homes across the world.

The Hamptons look is defined by classic and sophisticated designs that meet elegant, coastal vibes. Therefore, if you want to incorporate this theme in your home, make sure to look through the online store to find Hampton style furniture for sale. So, read on to know more about the tips

The base

Always know that the fundamental element to Hampton’s style is white. This makes a perfect and easy-to-pair base as it goes with everything. White is synonymous with harmony, peace, cleanliness and freedom. It also adds a sense of space and highlights, which make rooms appear larger.  This will be the dominant tone in your home, complemented by accent colors to brighten up and fill out your Hamptons style home.

Perfect match

Apart from the signature whiteness in Hampton’s style, accent colors are ultimately where the Hamptons decorating style shines through. Color your space with a spectrum of blues, from ocean blue to sky blue. Paint a large, central wall to create a statement, or purchase your soft furnishings in a range of blue to compliment your space for an exquisite arrangement.

The interiors

Give old pieces of furniture a clean-up and repaint or reupholster to turn them into something new and sophisticated. Modern pieces teamed with old create a trendy space that won’t date. Furnishings like sideboards or tray tables in natural – or white-painted timbers add extra dimension to your Hamptons room.

The key piece

The signature of Hampton’s style is an oversized white couch. Generosity is key here. The bigger and more satisfying the couch is, the more on trend it will be. Think relaxed luxury resorts with deep, overstuffed sofas covered in washable white or linen slipcovers or upholstered in pale neutrals with ticking stripes.

The finishing touch

Go with a minimalistic, classic look when decorating in a Hampton’s style. Create visual layers that draw the eye – side tables create visually appealing layers, as do deep couches and armchairs. For a comfortable feel, rugs and throws can add a level of warmth to the room while still belonging to the same color palette.

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