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How to Distinguish Between Framed Prints and Canvas Prints?

Both framed prints and canvas prints have their own attractive features that contribute to highlighting an artwork. If you are fond of lively framed prints, you must purchase cheap framed prints in Australia from the number one home decor shop.

Framed prints (Print on paper)

Printing on paper is the traditional way of displaying a photograph, and it possesses an aesthetic quality that is unique and easy to comprehend. Most of the printings on paper display nice finishes and textures, and often involve a fine, artsy 100% cotton-based matte paper. When matted and framed, this creates a very dramatic finish many appreciate.

Why should you use framed prints?

Framed prints that evoke a traditional look and appeal can add a formal and decorative accent to your home or office. Beautiful wood molding selections and paper prints exhibit more detail than canvas. Black and white prints look fantastic on fiber-based papers.

Canvas prints (Print on Canvas)

After printing and letting the canvas dry for 24 hours, a double coat of canvas with a protective agent against UV and dust is usually stretched onto 2 inch stretcher bars.  This creates an entirely finished canvas product by hand that guarantees consistency and quality.

Why should you use canvas prints?

Canvas prints do not exhibit any glare or reflections and have the largest image size for a given wall space. Plus, these weigh much less than framed prints. These are much easier and economical for you to create extremely large sizes. Canvas prints provide a frameless presentation which creates a window into the scene and paints an appealing aesthetic effect. Their lack of frame makes them blend well into any style decor of a home or office. You can also place these into wood floater frames for a finished and creative look.

Which is a better option?

In the end, it all depends on your taste, preference, and requirement. You can go with canvas prints for corporate offices for a cost-effective and dramatic touch. If you love the frameless look and the flexibility of positioning without the need for specific lighting, then canvas prints can be your desired choice. Its non-glare feature, flexibility with large and panoramic sizes, as well as wonderful texture and color are what a striking canvas brings to a room.

Of course, a beautiful frame has a classic, traditional look that will never go out of style and works well in an appropriate setting. Some photographs just work better on smooth photographic paper. Matted and framed, the image stands apart and helps to accentuate a formal dining or living room.

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