Hamptons Style Furniture australia

How to do Hamptons Style Interior for an Urban Home?

Do you want to turn your mid-sized urban apartment into a beachy Hampton’s heaven? The aesthetic will definitely remind you of the salty breeze and the aroma of the beachside shacks.

Hampton’s style interiors are bright, light, fresh and airy with a coastal vibe that makes you feel relaxed from the moment you walk in. It has a unique laid back, summery style that effortlessly caters to the seaside lifestyle. However, you don’t have to work much hard to being in that vibe in your city apartment! There are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind before making the changes.

What colors are typical to Hampton’s style?

Colors like whites, neutrals, yellow and green are all common hues to Hampton’s style interiors. You can also pair warm neutral colors with coastal blues, or layering various shades of blue, from navy through to baby blue.

What fabrics are typical to the style?

Hampton’s style interiors favor natural materials and fabrics for both luxury furniture and home wares, and focus on texture in the home itself, such as timber and stone. Look for pieces made from timber, leather, linen, cotton etc.

What furniture suits Hampton’s style interiors?

Due to their neutral color palette Hamptons homes cater to a broad variety of furnishings. Hampton’s style interiors feature large indoor plants and upholstered occasional chairs that can be found at the online retail store of Hamptons Style Furniture Australia. Think about statement piece like a large sofa, sculpted tables, etc.

Ideally you should look for comfortable, luxe furniture with soft cushioned seating. There are plenty of seating options you can choose from such as ottomans, couches and single seat chairs, etc.

Lighting for Hamptons style interiors

When it comes to getting a statement right, always look for the details. We’d suggest you to use pendant lights in traditional shapes, and ensuring the space has multiple sources of light, with a mix of table and floor lamps. Make the lighting dimmable for an intimate setting for the evening.

Check out the online store of a luxury furniture retailer in Australia to find Hamptons style furniture for sale. From sofas to statement lightning, browse the virtual shelves to find intricate décor pieces perfect for your apartment. If your order exceed three thousand dollars you can avail free hipping at the time of checkout as well.

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