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How to Find the Perfect Sofa for Your Home?

If you are looking for a sofa for your home, it’s essential to know what attributes will appeal to you. A sofa is a large purchase, and choosing wisely means you’ll be investing in a piece of furniture that will last you for many years and will adorn the home as well.

If you are looking for premium variants, then make sure to buy Hampton sofa online at one of the popular retail shops based in Australia. Meanwhile, read on the blog below to know how to find the perfect sofa for home.

A sturdy frame

Hardwood constructions like kiln-dried oak, beech, or ash is durable and long-lasting. This can be expensive, but makes for a great investment. Softer wood like pine is a popular affordable option, but it may warp or buckle after a few years. A sofa frame made of particleboard, plastic, or metal is to be avoided, as it will likely warp or crack and is generally uncomfortable.

The joinery

The method in which the frame is joined at the corners is an important detail. You have to look for sofas with wooden corner blocks, corner blocks glued and screwed, wooden dowels, double wooden dowels, or metal screws with brackets. Avoid a sofa that’s solely held together with nails, staples, or glue. While these elements can often be used to reinforce a frame, they shouldn’t be the main feature of a sofa’s construction.

Hand-tied springs

Eight-way hand-tied springs are ideal sofa springs.  They are incredibly comfortable and durably constructed, with a price tag to match. A less expensive option are serpentine springs, which are pre-assembled segments of snaking, twisted wire. Heavily weighted serpentine springs are a great affordable option. Avoid cheap, lightweight serpentine springs which can press on the frame or sag.

Look for durable fabrics

Sofas in cotton or linen fabric, and even leather sofas are classic upholstery materials that are worth the investment. Synthetic fabrics like microfiber are also great options that are durable and easy to clean. Fabrics with some irregularities in the surface  are better at hiding dirt and wear than a smooth fabric like a plain linen. Choose a fabric that will work with your lifestyle.

Check out the store of a premium retailer to find luxury sofas online. You will definitely be spoilt for choice. The exquisite furniture pieces are priced at cost effective rates, therefore, you don’t have to worry about crossing your budget as well.

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