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How to Make Your Bedroom Trendy (And Instagram-Ready)


Those same bland backgrounds are hurting your Insta-game. The pictures have now started looking same (and boring). And at a time when Instagram timeline is the reflection of one’s personality and lifestyle, this is definitely something you don’t want; especially if you’re trying to build your personal brand and become an influencer.

Spice things up!

Re-jig a few things in your room to make the interior more interesting, fresh, and appealing.


Here are 7 tips to make your bedroom more trendy and Instagram-ready:

1. Decorate the walls

Put up colorful and patterned wallpapers.

Buy some vintage framed prints online.

Hang a few different-sized mirrors.

Install shelves.

There are so many exciting things you can do with your walls. So, don’t leave them plain and dull. Shop around online, browse through wall décor items like framed prints for living room and bedroom, and add new layers of delight to the walls.

2. Play around with the furniture

Adjust their position to make the room look more spacious.

If needed, invest in some new and better bedroom furniture.

The right piece of furniture can add character to your room, grabbing attention in your pictures.

3. Buy a few home décor items

The market is filled with so many home décor items. Look around and see if anything can add value to your room’s appeal.

Maybe some vases? Area rug? Baskets? Scented candles? Chandelier? Fruit bowl?

Such additions, which blend with the overall theme, can make your room look chic.

4. Add some greenery around

Plants are a great option now to bring to your bedroom.

They would add details to the room, making the space look more sophisticated and radiant.

Lavender, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, and Boston fern – they all are great for the bedroom.

Buy good quality and complimenting pots from luxe furniture.

5. Stack up books

This will add to your personality in the pictures.

You will look smart and intelligent.

Besides, when bored, you can pick up some books and lose yourself in a different world.

Install a rack or buy a book shelve; buy a few books. Put them together and against the wall.

6. Install more lights

This is as basic as it gets.

To look good in your Instagram pictures, you need more lights.

So, if your room doesn’t have adequate lighting, you want to fix that.

Get more wall lights, standing and table lamps, pendants, and various other types of ambient, task, and decorative lighting.

7. Maintain the right color combination

You want to maintain a balance and consistency in your bedroom.

The colors of everything must get along with each other to really pop up the entire space.

So, be thoughtful of the colors of the wall, bed sheets, pillows, curtain, furniture, and more; make sure they are complimenting and have a balancing effect.

Make Your Bedroom a Part of the Story

Every picture has a story. And each of those pictures has several stories within.

Make your bedroom a part of your story.

Turn it into a space that’s dreamy and intriguing; give goals to your followers and stalkers on Instagram.

Neither does it require you to buy the most expensive items, nor do you have to be a professional interior designer.

Little steps can make all the difference, ensuring your bedroom is Instagram-worthy.

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