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How to Select a Sparkling Chandelier to Lighten up Your Home?

A chandelier being an exclusively visual element in a room can draw all attention to itself and enhance the grandeur of a room. To choose the right chandelier, you need to follow a step-by-step guide in sync with your home’s interior design. If you purchase Hamptons Style Furniture Australia and chandelier from a reputed luxury furniture and decor shop, surely your home can achieve an elegant and aesthetic look with a stunning visual charm.


Though chandeliers usually supply mood lighting, they may supply a task-specific light as well if placed over your dining room table. They can be installed to produce ambient lighting such as lighting in your hallway. So, you should decide the type of lighting you need from the chandelier. For a chandelier that supplies mood lighting, it must have a dimmer. If you need a task chandelier, make sure you hang it directly over the task area and place lamp shades in such a way that they direct the light down to the task area. Ambient light comes from down-direct shades that diffuse the higher wattage light over a sprawling area.


Consider the decor style of your selected room to make a choice that fits this style. For instance, a Swedish-modern chandelier will look out of place in a traditional home. If you decide on placing the chandelier as a focal point of the room, you must lookout for an ornate style. If it is to complement the decor and provide mood lighting, a more reserved style may be a classy choice. Thus, according to the overall room mood, you must keep in mind these levels of design visibility and arbitrary choices.


Select a chandelier that matches or complements the main metal finish or wood in the room. This will further enhance the beauty of the chandelier. If the lamp bases on the sideboard lamps of a dining table are black scrolled iron, choose a chandelier with similar black iron scroll work. Remember that repetition of a design element can artistically increase the mood and harmony.


Calculate the total length and width of the room in inches and as per the measurement, you can choose the chandelier diameter. If the room is exceptionally large, the chandelier diameter is calculated as half of the width of the table, large piece of furniture or area rug over which it will hang. The length of a chandelier is most satisfactory if proportioned at 2 or 3 inches for each vertical foot of wall. For rectangular and oval chandeliers, half-diameter guideline is followed for width and length is in proportion to area.

If you can get the perfect exotic chandelier alongside ceiling lights and hampton style luxe furniture for sale from a top-notch decor shop, your urban home is sure to become marvellous, hypnotic and charming.

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