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How to Transform Your Bedroom into a Hampton’s Style Haven?

The Hamptons Style interior aesthetic has captured our hearts. It is the embodiment for all things chic, sophisticated and beach-style. Originally taking its name from the luxurious beachside mansions of Long Island, New York, the Hamptons style furniture is the perfect balance of refined and relaxed design which celebrates the beauty of the lighter neutral shades.

If you want to start off with a specific room in your house, then bedroom is a best place to do so. With some basic statement changes to the core design you can achieve the Hamptons style appeal quite easily.

The bed

As the biggest piece of luxe furniture in the room, your bed is undeniably the focal point and sets the style for the rest of your space. A large upholstered bedhead is a must-have in any Hampton’s style bedroom. It is classic, soft and stylish. But if you prefer a wooden bedhead, an oversized timber frame in a neutral shade will also work.

The textiles

In a Hampton’s style bedroom, the magic is in layers of linen and cotton. Embrace white in all its shades and some dreamy hues of blue tones in your accent cushions. Since, you won’t find any intricate patterns, let the layers and thread count do all the talking. You can even place an ottomans or seating at the foot of the bed as it adds an elegant touch to the room.

The colors

Centered on white, the iconic Hamptons Style color palette is of classic elegance, rather than traditional earthy hues. As the trademark color of this aesthetic, white amplifies light and creates the easy, airy, chic feel this look is so well known for. The secondary color should be the duck egg blue combined with neutral timber tones and white it keeps the feel breezy and open, even when you don’t have a large space to work with.


Think about how you use your bedroom and layer your lighting accordingly. Do you love to read sleep? Is it still dark most mornings when you wake up? Consider a combination of directional lighting, bedside lamps or a statement chandelier in a Hampton’s style boudoir.


A big, framed art-piece adds more than a touch of elegance. Choose one with a gorgeous frame and it will double as a statement piece you won’t tire of anytime soon. The beach themed prints that mimic the color palette of the room always look great.

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