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Modern Accent Wall Décor Ideas With Framed Prints


You’ve set up your home, the breeze has filled up your senses with the fresh smell of lemongrass candle, yet the decor feels kind of vanilla. The accent walls look great, but how about filling them with exquisite wall décor to add character to your room? Try to figure out the theme of the room décor so that you put the pieces in place, creating a harmonious look that soothes and at the same time add that lively edge. A framed print is a great way to add quirk and charisma to a bland accent wall. Owing to the trends, we have listed certain ideas for you to decorate your modern accent walls with framed prints for living room.


We all love a mint accent wall. These are so calming and invigorating. If you have a pastel themed apartment or a home, then these add the perfect blend of subtlety and style. For these walls, a black botanical magnolia framed print from Hamptons is a great way to welcome the fresh summer flowers to your home.


A wallpaper accent wall is not exactly a color, but these are on demand right now. Super-efficient and adds the perfect dose of color to the room. However, decorating a wallpaper wall can be a tad bit tricky. If your room adorns an OTT wallpaper with big bold flower or geometric prints, opt for an Alley way Casa Bianca framed print.

For the lovers of minimalism if you want your art to do the talking, then the Emperial framed print is a great for adding a touch of femininity and floral charisma to the room.


If you want your white accent wall to be the background of your luxe art pieces, then we’d ask you to opt for the nature’s asset route. Photos of magnificent mountains, sparkling rivers and lush dunes are perfect for such walls. The Blue River in Italian Alps framed print acts as a great inspiration and art piece for the creative mind and the artsy home office.

Cobalt Blue

A cobalt blue accent wall reminds us of a beachy boho style. If you love to revel in glamorous art pieces then the Chandelier Noir framed print or the Ganni P art print is the perfect addition to the bold accent wall. Let your room speak for itself, as these can be great conversation starters as well.

Human mind knows no bounds and art swerves you to take the creative route. Framed prints are the perfect luxe wall décor pieces that are great for elevating your décor and style. You can find framed prints for sale at the elite home décor collection of a popular Australian retailer.

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