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Premium Features of a Hampton’s Style Home

The best part of Hampton’s style houses is that, these offer a lifestyle of affluent, relaxed, seaside comfort. From the luxury furniture to the laidback colors and the dreamy linens in shades of blue and white, this aesthetic is a beach-bum’s dream come true!

Therefore, if you wish to buy Hamptons style furniture Australia, make sure to browse through the online store of a popular supplier. Meanwhile, read on the blog below to know more about the premium features of this aesthetic!

Hampton’s style lighting

One of the characteristic features of a Hampton’s style home is the sense of lighting. A sun-drenched living space that filters through the rest of the home is essential for creating the Hamptons atmosphere. Combine this with white paint to reflect the light, and lighter oak/oak alternative floors to create a real coastal atmosphere. Always remember, the goal is the seamless continuity of light through the home.

Hampton’s style furnishings

A Hamptons house doesn’t want to be let down by unfitting furnishings. Remember, luxury and relaxation is the key. Think generous sofas with white linen covers, or upholstered with pale neutral colors. Include couches with lots of cushions, and tiny glass coffee tables. Add a nice coffee table book for decoration, and to create an impression of languid browsing and relaxation. Prefer options such as white venetian blinds so you can maintain an element of privacy while maximizing light flow.

Hampton’s style layout

The layout of your home is key to the Hamptons style house. The layout needs to engender a feeling of togetherness and relaxation. This includes the gourmet kitchen that overlooks the dining area, the study nook near to the activity room as well as quiet guest rooms to make a quiet escape possible.

Hampton’s style garden

Much like the interior of the home, the characteristics of a Hampton’s style garden are that they are well-manicured, clean, symmetrical, and uncluttered. Rich green plants and classic flower arrangements are the next step. But don’t overcrowd it. You don’t need a massive space to create a Hamptons style garden, but everything must be in relative proportion to the rest of the home.

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