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Lucio Fontana – Concetto Spaziale. Attese (dark Orange)


    Original pochoir (handmade stencil) print on strong woven paper featuring one of Lucio Fontana’s “Concetto Spaziale. Attese” slashed canvas images. This artwork in dark orange colour is printed to the edges with no margins. Published by Ages Arti Grafiche in Torino, courtesy of Glaxo. One of the 88 limited editions from 1984. Very rare and highly collectable. Perfect cosmetic condition considering the age.

    Overall size: W21.5 x H22 cm

    Lucio Fontana (1899 – 1968) was an Italian painter, sculptor and the founder of Spatialism. He is well-known for his cuts on canvases, which he achieved by covering them with thick layers of oil paint and by using a scalpel or knife to create fissures.

    Throughout his prolific career, Lucio Fontana demonstrated a relentless interest in the relationship between surface and dimensionality. Fontana formulated the theory of Spatialism in a series of manifestos dating from the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s, proposing that matter should be infiltrated by energy in order to generate dimensional, dynamic artistic forms. Fontana implemented this theory in his series Concetto Spaziale (‘spatial concept’), punching holes or slicing through his canvases in order to expose the dimensional space beneath. Fontana’s innovative theories prefigured later developments in environmental art, performance art, and Arte Povera.

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    Lucio Fontana - Concetto Spaziale. Attese (dark Orange)