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Makati Outdoor Dining Table


    Recycled Teak is arguably the best performing timber available for Outdoor furniture and also the most sustainable choice.

    The natural properties of Teak are widely known and like a good wine, they actually get better with age.  The timber can be up to 100yrs old, originally used in the construction of houses & other buildings.  Over decades, the timber dries slowly and consistently providing enduring stability when exposed to the elements.  Originally harvested from large, mature trees, the quality of the timber is far superior to much of the Teak available today.

    The timber which was previously discarded or burnt is expertly recovered and consolidated where expert artisans hand-select the most suitable pieces for the furniture it will be transformed into, the density, sustainability and unique character make it so highly valued.

    The process to recover the timber to be re-used in production of furniture is onerous, with each plank or beam requiring a meticulous de-nailing and planing process whilst still being careful not to diminish the natural character of each piece.

    The furniture is then produced using many time-honoured craft techniques, traditional joinery and hand-carving add further value to each piece.


    L 240cm W 100cm H 78cm
    • Colour
    • Material
      Recycled Teak
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Weight 75 kg

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    Makati Outdoor Dining Table