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The Best Décor Style for Your Chic Studio Apartment

Honestly, studio apartments can be a tad bit difficult to decorate. Considering the space scrunch and the limited scope of furnishing, you have to be smart and creative regarding how to make the small layout of the living space work to your advantage.

The simplest approach is to create a coordinated style that will allow you to create a different theme within each functional area. So, read on as we have mentioned some of the coolest ways you can make the most out of the studio apartment with the best décor pieces bought from a retailer of luxury furniture online in Australia.

Bookshelf = room divider

With the open floor plan of a studio apartment, sometimes it’s hard to establish a defined private space. A great way to do this is to carve out an area in your studio with a large piece of furniture like a bookshelf. For example you can find the Manhattan Bookshelf at the online store, the tall classy industrial design is perfect for creating a designated space.

Designate an accent wall

Creating an accent wall in a small studio is a great way to create some visual interest. You can either use a bold, abstract wallpaper to define the space in the bedroom. Or you can go the minimalist route and opt for textured neutral colored accent wall which serves as a timeless backdrop for framed art prints.

DIY closet space

Studio apartments often have limited closet space. Hence, if you’re lacking closet space, consider using an empty wall to create an open-air closet. Using different drawers, shelves and hanging racks can allow you to create the perfect “walk-in closet.” You can even define the space by hanging shell bead or classic fabric curtains.

Creative Shelves

Another great idea for an open wall in your studio flat is creating a unique shelving unit. You can check out the Luconian Stainless Steel shelves on the website which is great for creating some additional storage space in the kitchen, living area or even the bathroom. From towels, to clothing, wine bottles or even crockeries, you can pretty much stack up everything for a great look.

Thus, it’s time to re-arrange the décor of your cozy apartment and turn it into a pinterest style heavenly bode. You can find such luxury furniture online in Sydney at the retail store of a premium shop-owner. You can even checkout the September super specials section to get up-to 70% off on your order!


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