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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Limited Editions

When you want to buy a print or photograph, first you should look at the artwork’s edition details. These details can offer you insight into the art piece’s lasting value and the artist’s market. If you want to get hold of fine limited edition prints, Buy Gillie and Marc limited edition prints from a well-known art items store.

Size remains same

In case of limited editions, artists restrict the total amount of artworks produced in the edition so that each individual work is able to retain its value over time. Be it printing plates or photographic negatives, printers and artists destroy materials needed to create these works to prevent their insertion into the edition later.

Artworks are identical

Each and every artwork in a limited edition should look exactly the same. Artists usually label each artwork in the edition to distinguish between individual artworks. Artists generally number their works at random as they sign and date the edition.

Smaller editions are more valuable

When edition sizes are small, the individual artworks in that edition become rarer. This scarcity makes them a desirable purchase in the market. The size of an edition can depend on the physical limitations of the artist’s technique or the collector’s demand for that artist’s work. Etchings made with printmaking techniques such as dry-point or aquatint typically come in small editions due to the fragility of the printmaking process. On the contrary, durable methods like screen printing, lithography, and cast metal sculpture enable artists to produce much larger edition sizes.

Exclusive proofs to increase value

Most limited editions include a small section of artist’s proofs that are listed as AP or A/P in the limited edition. Artists are known to keep such proofs for their personal collections and thus, the artwork’s value raises as a possession of the artist himself. There is also an admiration for proofs if they feature something unique such as notes from the artist. But the artist’s proofs should never be more than 10% of the edition’s size.

If you buy limited editions from a trusted source you can remain sure that your purchase will be a genuine one. As you explore, Buy Gillie and Marc limited edition framed prints from a recognized online home decor store to impart an aesthetic touch to your home.

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