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Top Urban Art Deco Decorating Ideas to Stylize Interior Design

Art deco decorating ideas have emerged as a latest trend to create unique home interiors, combining creativity with a sense of style. Art deco furniture can bring chic into modern French design while Egyptian and Mediterranean flavors can create impressive and exclusive living spaces. If you opt for Hollywood regency style furniture along with art deco finishes, then a classic blend of urban style and French elegance can make your home style remarkably artistic.

Phenomenal art deco interiors

Art deco furniture can be your choice for all living spaces, from entryway designs to modern kitchens and bathrooms. Such exotic room furniture with monochromatic and contrasting color combinations, rich finishes and luxurious fabrics can add drama and glamor to your home decoration.

Furniture in neutral colors combined with shiny fabric and finishes can create an elegant atmosphere for your home. To enhance the beauty of your art deco interiors, you can add lighting fixtures, mirrors and industrial-revolution-inspired motifs for a vintage meets urban feel for your home environment.

Breath-taking art deco decor

What makes art deco decor so mesmerizing are the bright accents, contrasting room colors, original paintings and sculptures and unique table lamps and furniture. African and Egyptian motifs along with golden colors and intricate accessories will surely remind you of ancient pyramids and sphinxes. These unique details are what add character to modern art deco design.

Color aesthetics

The bold and contrasting colors mashed up for art deco interiors can make your home space spectacular. You can include in the design palette of your modern art deco style black and white bathroom and kitchen tiles, animal prints in black and white, vibrant wall paper patterns in golden, orange, red or other colors, etc. You can opt for large wall mirrors bordered with black and white or black and golden colors to enhance the unique charm and chic of your art deco furniture.

Exotic decorating materials

Vintage luxe furniture and African safari decoration theme, including rich finishes, marbles, shell, exotic wood and other exquisite materials look outstanding with modern interior design. Decorating your home with glass, striking fabrics, metallic paints, artistically framed large mirrors and other exotic decorating materials is sure to create a fabulous and captivating home interior in art deco style.

Thus, you can marvel at the bright room colors and geometric decoration patterns that have been blended with ethnic details and fabric prints. You and your visitors can then relax in awe amidst such spectacular and luxurious living spaces. Give your interior design a fresh and contemporary look by jazzing up the classic and the urban!

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