Why Choosing The Right Mattress Counts For Overall Maximum Health

We have been delighted to be aligned with AH Beard for the commercial mattress range at LuxeHome.Shop. Why commercial range? they are what is used in all the 5 star hotels across Australia meaning you can have trust and confidence buying mattresses online. Research suggests that a great sleep is paramount to health and you cannot find better than a AH Beard mattress for comfort and health benefits.

But not only that buying a AH Beard mattress from LuxeHome.Shop is so affordable in comparison to other websites and don’t forget you can use a number of Buy Now Pay Later options such as WizPay, MoneyMe, Humm and now PayPal. Ah Beard and LuxeHome.Shop also offer a national delivery service so reach out today to enquire what is the best mattress for you!


We saw this article by the CEO of AH Beard and thought it a great read and insight to a pillar of Australian manufacturing- enjoy!



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